Don’t know if I’ll everfind my way back.

its the year 2017, February, , Frankie is in Los Angeles. And Jojo (grandson) on his way back to pack up and come back to Philadelphia, . I thought those two would conquer Hollywood together, but that did not happen.  Frankie really tried, but Jojo is a young kid who is trying to prove he’s a tough survivor…..he cannot be in same house with Frankie,he is too sensitive…….he is trying to survive this life also….it’s been very hard to come out of fog of us losing my son………my son , Frankie brother, Jojo’s dad.        It has destroyed us.  ..Joey passed may 7 2013.    He was 44 years old, fought GBM brain cancer for 6 months from diagnosis, he was having symptoms for months before….who knew ? His passing destroyed  all our  lifes , ….. my life is always a before and after.